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About Company


PT. Duamitra Oil (PT.DMO) is a local commercial oil company, permitted status MOBILE BUNKER AGENT, with registration number 6.10.09, established on 27th October 2004. Head Office in Jakarta

PT. DMO as trusted company by PT.Pertamina in supporting distribution of petroleum in Indonesia, will consistently watch over the service quality to consumer and ensure the quality of fuel to always be the best and trusted by prioritizing the safety of environment work along with the SOP our company and standart of PT.Pertamina

PT.DMO as a mobile bunker fulfilling the needs of petroleum type High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) 180,  (MFO) 380, to the ships sailing around local area, especially East Kalimantan and the surroundings as one of the distribution of petroleum in the Country.